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Have you applied to over 50 roles with no results? You are not the problem, but your job search strategy is.

Who is Sector?

Sector is a job application tracker that walks you through 4 data-driven steps that will double your chance of getting hired and increase your chance of landing a job by 59%.

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Double the chances. Decrease the stress.

Average entry-level engineering roles see 2,000 -3000 applicants. Optimizing your job search is key.

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Upgrade your job search today

We'll give you the 🔑 you need to compete against the 3,000+ engineers competing for your dream job

Not convinced? Here's how we'll help.

Have you applied to over 50 roles with no results? You are not the problem, but your job search strategy might be. Here are four ways we'll help you get unblocked.

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    Scan your resume & add top key works [+59% BOOST]

    Use our built-in Resume Scanner, Automatic Cover Letters, and automatic company research profiles to help you submit a tailored, optimized job application...quickly.

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    Learn the top interview questions for your specific company

    Our job boards embed our insights from coaching 2000+ new engineers and top job search research 

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    See networking contacts & events to get referrals [BOOST 1.2% to 25%] - we even give you customized outreach templates.

    Get regular check-ins from our team of industry professionals, motivating you through blocks, imposter syndrome, and interview prep struggles.

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    Find the right day/time to submit your application [+46% BOOST]

    Our tailored reminders and checkins will help you see in through to the finish line.

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