Digitize, Centralize and Scale Your Job Search Strategy

Sector is the career platform to help you organize and grow your career as the pandemic & future of work up the ante. 

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Sector helps you create a white-labeled networking script, build up your resume and cover letter, and audit your job searching strategy. It provides you with all the digital resources you will need.  

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  • Custom Portal

    Create a career portal that is tailored to you. Sector learns about your skills and job seeking patterns in order to provide relevant and encouraging suggestions. 

  • Plug-Ins + Zoom Integration

    Add-on other services that are in beta such as a resume and cover letter builder. And integrate with other career services.

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We offer a FREE job seaching strategy tool to get you motivated on your jouney. 

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We Work With Innovative Workforce Programs & Colleges

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Our Value Proposition

Sector is YOUR career team. We use powerful software to easily digitize your career journey and focus your efforts on the important part of networking and negotiating for high income jobs. 

  • 1 system for all career needs

    We are increasing capacity and usability for all of our users during COVID-19 

  • 50% faster resume reviews

    You won't be needing to search for a good resume writer after using our beta tool.  

  • $15K average increase

    We have already saved companies money but implementing our platform in their organization through grant funding and earned revenue.