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If you could learn job search strategies based on your target company what would they be?

We gave a webinar last week and talked to our community about what they have been experiencing in the job market. We heard from over one hundred people who were struggling with outreach, positioning, and relevant experience. Here is what they said they needed to learn the most...

We are the Sector Team

Using our own stories of breaking into tech, leading with blended roles and listening to thousands of early career professionals we created the Sector platfrom. 

  • 2
    Amina Yamusah
    Co-Founder & CEO

    Amina is a Princeton Alum from New York. She has worked at MoveOn and was a fellow at Echoing Green

  • 6
    Riley Jones

    Riley is a NYU Law Alum from Chicago

  • 3
    Camille Eddy
    Senior Product Engineer

    Camille is a University of Idaho Alum. She has worked for Google X, HP Labs, and NVIDIA among others as a Mechanical Engineer.

  • 7
    Nathalie Antoine
    Program Operations

    Nathalie graduated cum laude from Pace University. She has worked at NYU in medical research and is proudly transitioning into tech. 

  • 5
    Che Chester
    Senior Advisor

    Che is a CUNY and USC alum

  • 4
    Cris Mercado
    Senior Advisor

    Cris is a career coach and CUNY alum

  • 8
    Jayson Phillips
    Senior Advisor

    Jayson is a senior engineer. He has worked at Apple, Pandora, and Trilogy.

Picture want to ask someone with years of experience for important tech career advice

We are always talking to professionals who share their expereinces in practical forums without the cliche examples. Sector webinars are REAL.

What we have accomplished so far

Since beginning our webinars we have been building a tech community of upskillers and early career professionals.

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    audience members
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    collective community

We are sharing the advice we wished we had early. From professional outreach to meaningful relationships.

We bring 💪🏾 to job searching and career strategy

What People Say

Here is what a few of our attendees have had to say so far...

"Thanks so much for the insight on multidisciplinary projects and being both a follower and a leader! I need to get collaborating! " 


"A big thanks for all the info at the Get Hired in Tech event. I learned a lot and feel better about where I am in my job search." 


"I really appreciated the Get Hired in Tech event. It was so insightful and super inspiring."


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