A job search accelerator for emerging technologists

Sector: is an intensive job search accelerator created by upskillers* who have broken into FAANG companies, civic tech & startups. We provide you with the playbooks, technical career coaching, smart job search tools and structure you need to follow our steps into high wage, high tech careers.

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A few places where we've worked & helped people get hired in tech

  • Snapchat
  • Hplogo
  • Citilogo
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    Amina Yamusah
    Co-Founder & CEO

    Amina is a self-taught software engineer, technical career coach & former data analyst. Throughout the pandemic, Amina has helped technical job seekers break into startups, Snapchat, Microsoft, Salesforce & Coinbase and more. Amina broke into tech as a data analyst at MoveOn.org, previously led a Forbes 30 Under 30 career tech platform, and received her BA in Politics from Princeton University.

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    Camille Eddy
    Senior Product Engineer & Coach

    Camille is a product engineer and technical career coach, with a background in mechanical engineering & hardware systems. While pursuing her degree at the University of Idaho, Camille broke into paid internships and full-time opportunities at Google, HP Labs & Nvidia. Camille is a 2017 Stanford Innovation Fellow and has presented globally on the impact of algorithmic racism & robotic systems.

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    Nathalie Antoine
    Program Operations

    Nathalie is an upskilled operations analyst, with a background in research analytics at an NYU funded medical lab. Nathalie has lead coaching operations for programs supporting over 200 NYC based job seekers and is an active member of the Pace University alumni community. Nathalie is currently pursuing independent learning in product management, web development, and project management.

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    Kamilah Jenkins
    Technical Instructor

    Kamilah spends her days as a Software Engineer at Gates Ventures. Kamilah focuses on best practices, delivering high-quality products, and fostering creative collaborative environments and spent 4 years of her career at Textio—a machine-learning linguistics startup. Kamilah has led teams and has built systems that allowed Textio’s platform to be embedded and integrated into Gmail, LinkedIn, and Outlook. Additionally, she helped create a terminal-based visualization of server activity at Microsoft (LEAP) and has lent her services as a contractor. Along with being a SWE, Kamilah has an academic background in art and bio-psychology and studied at the Ada Developer Academy.

We will teach you the hidden curriculum for how to get hired quickly in tech

We will provide you with the resources, coaching & accountability you need to conduct an effective technical job search

An agile & peer driven accountability model

One of the most challenging parts of job searching is staying motivated. Along with your coaches support, you will have access to feedback & accountability from a team of peers. You will also deepen your agile & software development skills while working on a team.

Job Search Sprints

You will be matched with a group of peers in your job search, and collaborate weekly to identify your job search backlog, scope out your to-dos & get feedback.

Daily Slack Standups

Every morning, you will have the opportunity to update your progress & get feedback.

Weekly Code & Resume Reviews

At the end of each week, you will submit a pull request to your team's Github repo, including a link to your weekly blog posts, personal project & Sector job tracker. You can ask for general or targeted feedback from your team members to help you make improvements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure if this is the right program for you? Sign up for a conversation with one of our instructors to get the information you need.

  • Do you take part of my income when I get hired?

    As a team of nontraditional professionals in tech, we know that job searching is hard enough without an income share agreement or high tuition weighing on you.

    Instead of taking a percentage of your salary when you get hired or charging $5,000 - $7000 like most job search accelerators, we instead charge a lower flat tuition and ask that you contribute back to our community via an insight share agreement. We ask that you share your insights by committing to share your job search stats anonymously, making 2 referrals & 2 taking mentor calls within a year of getting an offer.

  • How much does the accelerator cost?

    We charge $99 deposit upfront and a flat fee. That fee is $2500 when you land a full-time software job making over $70,000, $1500 for any software role between $70 & 50K, and $250 for paid internships. You have 10 days after your program kickoff starts to get a refund on your deposit.

    You can receive a discount for your deferred tuition if you are an existing member of our community, and can reach out directly to camille@joinsector.com.

    You can also receive a %25 discount on your tuition by opting into our insight share agreement (i.e. you commit to sharing your job search insights, to make 2 referrals & to hop on 2 mentor calls within a year of receiving your job offer).

  • Do you accept job seekers who are not authorized to work in the US?

    Due to the recent shifts in US visa policy, we unfortunately are only able to accept international job seekers as auditors. If you are not authorized to work in the US, you can audit our programming for $99/month.

  • Who will be instructing me?

    Every coach and member of our team has a background in career coaching AND a technical background in the area they coach (software engineering, mechanical engineering, sales, bus dev, marketing, data analytics). We have collectively worked at and/or coached people into every FAANG company or and 50+ more. We believe it is important to get insights from professionals who have gone through the unique challenge of breaking into tech.

  • How our pricing compares in the job search ecosystem?

    Pathrise: $7000 upfront cost or $250 week for each week you were coached, to be paid after you are placed in a job for mentor calls & job search insights.

    Hatchways Co-Op: $2400 upfront (part time) or $6000 after employment for a project based job search program.

    Outco:$5,000 upfront, or $0 upfront + 10% of your first year's salary paid over 6 months after starting your job for technical interview training, or $1,500 upfront + 5% of your first year's salary paid over 3 months after starting your job

  • How do we deliver a quality experience with a lower price point?

    We keep our costs & your prices low by providing you with tools that provide you with 24/7 feedback on your application tools so that we can spend our time with you where it really counts.

Our pilot Software Engineering & Data cohort kicks off on Tuesday, February 14th

Enrollment criteria: 

1. Must have made substantial progress towards learning software development fundamentals via a boot camp, college program, online course, or independent project

2. Must be available for an onboarding & job search strategy call with your coach within 14 days of enrolling

3. Must be able to commit to a minimum of 5 hours a week for job search activities

4. Must be able to all 6 job search classes.

5. Must be authorized to work in the US (or willing to enroll as an auditor)

6. Must commit to mandatory weekly action items, including 7. tailored job applications, 1 Github commit, 1 coding challenge & 1 blog post, every week.

Please note, that failure to meet these criteria can result in a refund of your deposit and/or dismissal (with the option to audit our program).

  • Expert Coaches & Instructors

    who have broken into tech

  • On demand coaching & job search support

    Facilitated by our smart job board & tools

  • Peer support & accountability

    Helping you stay motivated & learn how to work on a dev team

Are you searching for a role outside of software or data?

Join our waitlist of our upcoming cohorts.

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