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15+ panel disucssions, 40+ revamped interviews, and 120+ mock interviews later! We know you have your choice in career programming and we value your participation.

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What Job Seekers Are Saying about Sector Experiences...

  • " I really like how organized, informative and productive the program was. Questions were answered, relatable examples were provided and everyone on the team was so nice. I didn't make up my mind early enough to get the discount but I'm not even upset because It was all worth it. Thank you everyone that put in all the work to make this accessible to us." 

    Adebimpe A
  • " THANK YOU FOR THE GREAT TRAINING! I learned a lot and made some connections with people already!"

    Webinar Participant
  •  "A big thanks for all the info at the Get Hired in Tech event. I learned a lot and feel better about where I am in my job search."  

  • " The Sector staff were all amazing and extremely helpful. I want to thank you all for giving me the opportunity to network and get more insights about the job hunting in tech."

    Sector Accelerator Participant
  • " The month-long program helped me to structure my job search efforts and dial in my approach to how I spent my time each day. I felt more prepared for these tech assessments than I did before the program. Mainly, I want to say thank you to Amina and Camille for guiding me during interview prep meet-ups. The advice, support and personal experience you shared helped me to organize my thoughts and craft my story."


We Get It, Making the Pivot to Tech Is Hard

 As an aspiring tech professional, finding the time outside of work to tailor your resume, build up your career brand and connect with recruiters is NOT easy. 

  • How do I write a tech resume?

    • Where can a find a template that works for high paying tech jobs?
    • Who can I trust for a review?
    • How do I get my resume in front of recruiters?
  • Where are these $100K min. roles ?!

    • How do I get my LinkedIn to bring recruiters to me? 
    • What job boards should I use?
    • How do I find the right recruiters?
  • How do I translate my skills to tech?

    •  What new skills should I learn?
    • What are my most marketable skills?
    • How can I highlight those skills in interviews?

Every month you wait to make the pivot into a high paid tech job, you are hurting your lifestyle, income & personal wealth

  • up to $10K

     in monthly income lost

  • 40 hours

    lost commuting to a job you are no longer excited about

  • $20K+

    restricted stock units that you could be earning at top startups


Stop waiting to get paid what your skills are worth!

✅I am ready to learn how to craft my resume!

✅ I am ready to learn the skills I need!

✅I am ready to find open roles! 

✅ I am ready to get paid what I am worth and make my dream salary!

I am ready to stop letting fear or doubt hold my career back!


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Paid In Full: Career Fair - Friday, May, 6th

On May 6th at 10am ET stop wasting time and stop wasting energy at the Paid In Full main event! Go to the next level with the skills you already have!
Our Presenting Sponsors:

But first! The Paid In Full Accelerator begins April 16th for a limited number of professionals who want to get hired in 4-6 weeks

 You may not need to invest $6,000 in a Bootcamp or PM program to get hired. Make a commitment that is one third as long and 5x less expensive... and learn from real industry professionals

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  • Standard tier flyer (6)
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Not ready to get hired this month? By registering for a premium ticket, you can still access resume guidance & referrals.

By registering for a premium ticket, you gain access to dedicated resume support and referrals to our employer partners.

  • Resume Clinic & Guaranteed Referrals to Help You Stand Out

    Dedicated resume sessions on Saturday, April 9th and Saturday, April 23rd to help you write a job-ready for our resume book.
  • Industry Panel & Networking

    Key insights and referrals into the roles that can help you get transition into your first well paying tech job.

Premium Resume Clinic for those exploring job roles & aiming to get hired this summer

 This LIVE workshop will be offered on April 9th and again on April 23rd and will power you through your resume updates before the career fair

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Still exploring if a career change is right for you? Join us on May 6th as a general attendee to learn from tech professionals who made the pivot to well paid.


Join us as a general attendee to learn more about the pathways into high-paying tech jobs at companies like Spotify, Google, Moody Analytics, Amazon and more. 

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Why Sector?

We are always talking to professionals who share their expereinces in practical forums without the cliche examples. 

  • 1000+
    job seekers reached
  • 8
    webinars + conferences
  • 3
    tech accelerators

A few of our other STELLAR guest speakers

  • Jeffery Asala @ Google

  • Kamilah Jenkins formerly @ Gates Ventures

  • Arit Amana @ Forem

  • Meagan Lenior @ Google

  • DHH @ Basecamp

  • Cherise Bernard formerly @ Spotify

  • Samantha Bretous @ Mailchimp

  • Cindy Montgomery @ Morgan Stanley